The producers of SYV MIL together we have an extencive experience and a professional network in the field of performing arts. As producers we are involved, practical and creative. Our highest priority is good solutions. We are good sparring partners, effective and realistic. We aim to do a thorough work and have an open, professional and relaxed attitude. We face many different challenges in our work as producers, but our main competence lies in the following:


  • General administration, planning, logistics, digital tools

  • Financial management, budgets and project accounting

  • Text editing, proofreading and general application/funding work

  • Development and editing of simple graphic work; posters, advertisements, flyers, video, images

  • Marketing, social media and ticket sales

  • Website preparation and newsletters

  • Cultural political work

  • Norwegian laws and regulations related to the performing arts

  • Consultancy and networking

  • Contract negotiations 

  • Touring management 


For 2019, SYV MIL has received financial funding from the Norwegian Arts Council as well as start up funding from Bergen Municipality, and we therefore have the opportunity to offer a limited number of subsidized work in the application process to help artists realize their projects, and in the work of reselling productions giving them an opportunity to live on.


In preliminary projects, we often work in two phases; preparatory work for the main application for funding, and execution.


The work starts when funding for the for preliminary project is granted. The producer's role most often consists of project managing where we work with contracts, facilities, logistics and implementation, reports, project accounting and finding co-producers and further partners for the main project.



In what we call a main project we most often work in two phases; preparation and production.


SYV MIL enters as producers of the main project as a natural extension of the preliminary project. The work starts when funding for the for main project is granted. The producer's work consists roject managing where work with contracts, venues, logistics and implementation, reports, project accounting, marketing and ticket sales, trial and work plans, and contact with the involved partners. We are working to have a long term profile for the project's potential and future opportunities.



We also work with booking, tour planning, contracts, sales, promotion and more. In this work, we use our own breoad network both nationally and internationally, in close cooperation with the artist's wishes and network.


  1. Selling and promoting a performance for festivals, venues, DKS and other relevant arenas, as well as writing applications for guest plays, resumptions, open calls and more.

  2. Booking and tour planning such as travel, logistics and contracts. 



SYV MIL also perform other tasks for artists, projects and companies that are not directly related to a specific project. Examples of such tasks may include:


  • Daily administration

  • Daily inquiries, booking and management

  • Organizing conferences and debates

  • Ticket sales on individual events

  • Marketing for individual events

  • Accounting for your company through Fiken 

  • Develope strategies/visions/profile in collaboration with the artist

  • Prepare websites and simple graphic material

  • Consultations




SYV may also give courses and seminars based on our expertise in the field as producers.